Sit Up, Stand Up Kids ..

It is estimated that children today spend 85% of their waking hours sitting down. That means when they are not lying down sleeping, only 15% of their time is spend upright and moving around. These are shocking figures. And it’s not just that sitting down that is the problem, it is how they sit down; […]


The demonstrable benefits of after school activities for children are unarguable. They are many, varied and cover a spectrum of benefits from the physical to the psychological and social. And there is ever increasing scientific research and data showing that encouraging children to engage in activities after school aids their development. Around the world experts […]

Object of the exercise

With four world records, two Olympic gold medals, three Commonwealth titles, and wins in the World and European Championships, DALEY THOMPSON is regarded as one of the world’s greatest ever decathletes. Here, the Brighton based sports star talks exclusively to A+ Education about his own schooldays in Sussex, his hopes for the Olympic legacy and […]