I am the former British polevault champion and was ‘Zodiac’ on LWT for 6 years a long time ago!

I have been passionate about fitness and sport all my life. In fact the power we had on Gladiators to engage and influence a generation of kids and families is something I have never forgotten and made my purpose ever since.

In my 20’s i developed CICA Superschools, a UK fitness initiative taking in sporting celebrities into schools where we toured 650 schools in the UK each year.

At the height of my athletics career and Gladiators, I broke my neck in two places falling 40 feet.

It was a terrible time but it gave me an insatiable desire to focus my drive into getting others fit. I trained with Premier Global as a level 3 PT and then became a master trainer in outdoor fitness bootcamps with Dr John Spencer Ellis. Training needs to be fun, particularly when you are a child so all of the programmes we choose to deliver are designed to energise and to make fitness fun. To teach fundamental fitness, movement and then build blocks as a pathway into adult life.

I tried to get my daughter into a local athletics club which had a long waiting list, as did many in the area and no-one catered for anyone of my daughters age. So Daley Thompson Academies was then formed.

That was 15 years ago now. We are now incredibly excited to be partnering with England Athetics to deliver funetics a programme I am so excited to be delivering with our coaches across schools nationwide .

If you are interested in working with us please email kate@aspiretogreatness.co.uk

Daley and Kate

I approached my friend Daley Thompson, double Olympic decathlon champion and sporting legend, to endorse and help develop our programme.  

Our first After School Club ‘Run, Jump, Throw’ launched to great interest in 2008, and helped address what we believed was a significant gap in grassroots athletics for children.

We now work in numerous counties, specialising in After School Clubs, activity programmes, online teacher resources for fitness and athletics, and also holiday clubs. 

We take pride in the fact that many youngsters on our clubs are the “hard to reach children” who would normally shy away from games, PE and team sports.  We aim to inspire them regardless of ability and that we ignite a torch and develop a love of physical activity which they will take into adult life.   

Our aim is to encourage children to be brave, to push themselves to be the best they can be and not to be afraid of failing in the pursuit of their passions.

Of course we don’t promise to make every child an Olympian or a Gladiator! But we can show them that being active, fit and healthy is fun and brings its own rewards.