Dear Parents As a double Olympic champion I’m delighted to see how many youngster (and parents) our initiatives have inspired to get fit, take up sport and live a healthier lifestyle.

I would like to introduce you to our fun, action-packed athletic based programme for children aged 4-16. Created by myself and fellow athlete Kate Staples former British pole-vaulter and TV Gladiator ‘Zodiac’.

We both remember how critical our school years were in getting a solid grounding and making sport and physical activities part of out lives. And now we are on a mission to give something back. We identity that the young today have more challenges in certain areas then we did thanks to social media and the culture of electronic gaming. Creating fun Before and After School activities is a great way to harness your child’s love of exercise and the outdoors.

Our goal is to teach your child best practices in sports training through the crucial principles of running, jumping and throwing, giving them the best possible foundation for sports and fitness throughout their lives.

Be healthy,
Daley Thompson

kids from athletic academy