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Ignite The Champion Within

We’re transforming physical education with our fun, dynamic athletics programs. Our mission? Empower children nationwide to explore their potential, get active, aspire to greatness and have a great time doing it!

We know that fostering a love for fitness in today’s screen-dominated world can be a challenge.

Parents and educators alike often grapple with finding engaging, effective athletics programs for children that not only develop their physical abilities but also instill a lifelong passion for health and fitness, as well as teach great habits and skills that can serve them for decades.

Moreover, overcrowded clubs and one-size-fits-all school sports can often leave children feeling overlooked, left behind and uninterested as a result.

Our athletics clubs are for all!

We’re here to guide your child’s athletic journey.

At Aspire to Greatness, we provide a compelling blend of professional coaching, enjoyable athletics-based initiatives, and inspiring sessions, all aimed at helping your child grow into a healthier, more confident individual.

A message from our Championship Director

Kate Staples, 8-time GB Champion in Pole Vaulting

Hello, I’m Kate Staples, 8 X GB champion in pole vaulting. My journey took an unexpected turn when I broke my neck on Gladiators, abruptly ending my competitive career.

However, this setback became the catalyst for change. Together with the legendary Daley Thompson, double Olympic Champion, we established our after school satellite programme to address the issue of waiting lists and provide a pathway for coaches.

Our clubs offer aspiring athletes a supportive environment to pursue their dreams without delays or disappointments. We believe in a holistic approach, nurturing both physical and mental well-being.

Join me in embracing challenges and transforming adversity into opportunity as we build a brighter future for athletes and coaches alike.

Our Community Clubs

Explore our diverse bootcamp locations, each offering access to our unique fitness programs. Designed to cultivate health, confidence, and a passion for sports, these sites are the starting line for your child’s journey towards a fitter, healthier and more athletic self.

Wimbledon Park

Located at the renowned Wimbledon Park Athletics Track, this location delivers our invigorating fitness programs. The dedicated athletics space enhances our sessions, fostering a love for sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle in each child.

Join our Athletic Performance Pathway, a comprehensive 6-stage program designed for communities and schools, offering a progressive athletic development journey from ages 4 to 16.

Work with us because we prioritise fun while providing expert coaching, focusing on speed development, strength enhancement, and child-specific training, ensuring your child’s athletic potential is maximised.

Athletics Track Current Term

5-11 Years Sign Up

David Weir Leisure Centre

Housed in the facility named after a Paralympic icon, this modern, versatile space offers an inspiring setting for our fitness programs allowing us to deliver our engaging athletics and fitness activities, igniting a passion for sports in each child.

At our David Weir location we run our Speed Academy in which we cover cadence, sprint acceleration, strength and conditioning as well as drills to increase speed. This academy is for 12+ year olds who want to get fitter, faster and have fun!

Young Athletes (5-11) Current Term

Tuesday Club Sign UpThursday Club Sign UpRoar Speed (Thurs)

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